Sunday, June 17, 2012

More about Jenny

I was quite moved by a letter from Jane to Wilfred Blunt about Jenny. 

My dear Mr. Blunt Many thanks for your note. Jenny has gone to Malvern and I have good news of him, he's having fun in various ways, and the doctor says there are high hopes of total cure - or so I should wait. It's been a terrible affliction to us all, but for me than for anyone else, since I have been with her constantly, and I never got used to it, I mean in the sense that I do not care, every time that happens is as if I drive a dagger. Now I'm having a blessed rest and enjoying it fully. Spending a few days with my mother-in Hertfordshire next week, and then go to Kelmscott Manor to spend the fall, where I hope to see you But I'm afraid you will get bored because there is nothing to do but fishing - the house is sparsely furnished, will be a sort of permanent picnic. His affected. Jane Morris

translation a bit creaky but you get the idea. In several letters she also mentions how broken down William was by Jenny's illness. It brought on severe Gout and what sounds like depression.

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