Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kelmscott interior

pic : Interior of Kelmscott Manor

In the Spring of 1897 Morris was finally diagnosed with Diabetes and he and Jane travelled to Folkestone for the sea air. Jane was very upset seeing William waste away and is reported as very tired BUT refusing to hire a nurse so she could look after him herself. Georgie came down for a few days to help. 

In August he couldn't even travel to Kelmscott to see Jenny but wrote her a heart-breaking letter:

"Dearest own child, I am so distressed that I cannot get down to Kelmscott on Saturday; but I am not well, and the doctors will not let me; please my own dear forgive me, for I long to see you with all my heart. I hope to get down early next week, darling. I send you my very best love and am Your loving father W.M." 

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