Thursday, June 21, 2012

La Donna Della Finestra study

The final work is here

but I love the way in the study Jane's face (and hands emerge from the background)
Another essay on Rossetti's and Dante's love for Beatrice. Rossetti fell in love with Jane in about 1868. It is significant that he chose to represent her as 'La Donna Della Finestra', suggesting that he felt she brought him consolation for the death of his wife, Elizabeth Siddal, whom he regarded as his Beatrice. Yet as Rossetti's love for Jane deepened he represented her as Beatrice also, for instance in the large oil painting 'Dante's Dream at the time of the Death of Beatrice' (Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool).

The finished picture is in the Walker Gallery. The early studies were begun in 1870 but the final oil wasn't finished until 1879.

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