Sunday, June 17, 2012


Jane is often said not to be interested in her husband's ideas but here she is writing to Blunt:

"I've never seen a winter so dark - makes me want to go to Topolobampo - you might not know where that is - is a new city, a modern Utopia, where everything is as it should be, an American was here the other day with the flat (because it is not yet built) blocks of houses arranged in a checkerboard structure with gardens at intervals and with an esplanade for many miles along the bay, all this does not sound very original in appearance, but is self-governed, no police, no prisons, shall be permitted only nice people who would be good. I forgot to say that the site is somewhere on the coast mejicana, about 1,300 miles of San Francisco, and several hundred miles of most other places."

Topolobampo was the site of a Radical "utopian" colony from roughly 1884 to 1894, that had an influence on the urban planning ideas of Ebenezer Howard.

(sorry the Spanish translation is a bit rough)

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