Sunday, June 17, 2012

William Morris illness

[Morris 1895]

It has been suggested that a doctor said of William Morris’s death 'the disease is simply having done more work than most ten men'.

Its true that when he died Jane said to Blunt that she had never loved her husband but she certainly admired him. She said again to Blunt of Mackails biography of William, that the book "just missed being first-rate - You see Mackail is not an artist in feeling, and therefore cannot be sympathetic while writing the life of such a man."

As Morris was being buried, Ned summed up the day: "There are no kings there - the king was being buried and there were no others left."

To Georgie a few years later, she summed up her marriage to William "Though selfish in little things, in great ones he was the most magnanimous, the least selfish of men. After all ... I suppose if I was young again I should do the same again"

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