Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The background shows the Thames and Kelmscott and the local church.
Notice the punt and boat shed that William used for fishing which Rossetti, not a great sports type ridiculed in a sketch).

Jane's eyes have been brightened with green to contrast with the willow.

Originally painted in 1871, retouched by Fairfax Murray in 1893.

Between early July and early October 1871, when DGR and Mrs. Morris were together at Kelmscott Manor, which DGR had taken as joint tenant with Morris the previous May. The picture was not sold until 1877 when it was purchased by J. A. Turner.

Bancroft Collection, Wilmington Society of Fine Arts, Delaware

DGR made two sketches for the background, one with the two buildings, the other of foliage.


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