Friday, June 15, 2012

Pandora chalk

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

coloured crayons
This is a replica that DGR executed in 1879 for his friend Watts-Dunton, “with a fresh system of bogies round the head” as he wrote Jane Morris (18 March 1878)
DGR did a study for this picture in colored chalks; it now is housed in the Lady Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight.

Surtees notes that the model's features are “exaggerated and almost grotesque.” She goes on to describe the picture, with the figure “three-quarter length, standing slightly to the right, wearing grey-white draperies which leave the massive shoulders and arm partly uncovered. In both hands she holds the casket bearing the legend “Ultima Manet Spes”, decorated with a spray of flowers and a winged head upturned in profile; from its nearly closed lid issues a cloud of pink smoke which wreathes itself around Pandora's heavy dark hair, forming a halo of winged heads” ( A Catalogue Raisonné vol. 1, 126).

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