Friday, June 15, 2012

The Legend of Saint George

Pen and wash
William Morris

These sketches, stylistically much influenced by Burne-Jones, and of very uneven degrees of finish, form a narrative sequence. They include much detail that must have been based on observation, such as the architecture and the soldiers' uniform.

The panels tell the story of a town which appeased the dragon living in the local swamp with human victims chosen by lot. The first drawing shows the distraught king, his daughter having been chosen. She is led away by soldiers before being seen tied to a post awaiting her fate. The next panel shows St George having slain the dragon rescuing the swooning princess before leading the triumphant procession back to the town. The princess was modelled from Jane Morris; the dragon may have been inspired by early German prints but looks suspiciously like a stuffed crocodile.'
Colin Cruise Pre-Raphaelite Drawing London: Thames & Hudson, 2011

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