Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kelmscott St George 17th century Turkish brocade altar-frontal given by Jane Morris

Kelmscott is best known from it's association with William Morris who bought Kelmscott Manor and lived there with with his wife Jane and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. It is an idyllic Cotswold village lost in a maze of country lanes on the upper reaches of the River Thames. Indeed William Morris would row from his home in London, Kelmscott House to his country retreat Kelmscott Manor.

The church is a wonderful survival, unchanged since the 16th century and the north transept of this small cruciform building has a rare scheme of 13th century wall paintings. The east window preserves an attractive 15th century panel depicting St George on horseback slaying the dragon. Also of interest is the is the bell-cote which contains an early 13th century bell, one of the earliest in England.

Kelmscott is beautifully preserved with stone slab fences, Gloucestershire cattle and a fine pub. Kelmscott Manor is open to the public Wednesday and Saturday and is of great interest to enthusiasts of the Arts and Crafts movement.


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