Friday, June 15, 2012

Jane Morris seated in wicker chair

Jane Morris seated in wicker chair, full length
Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John Parsons
1865 June

At least three copies of this pose survive, one in the Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery, the other two in the Victoria and Albert Museum's Album of Portraits of Mrs. William Morris (Jane Burden). Posed by Rossetti, 1865 . This is the larger of the two Victoria and Albert prints.

The state of the two Victoria and Albert Museum prints tells much about DGR's involvement with these photographs. In this, the larger copy, a good deal of space is left around the sitter, who is seated in DGR's garden, in full view, and facing to her right. A decorated screen is placed a few feet behind her; beyond that is foliage, though it is scarcely discernible as such. The print shows where Gordon Bottomly worked on the original print with a brush to disguise where the top of the print had been damaged during later efforts to mount it.

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