Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm always alert to other arts and crafts that Jane was involved in

I'm always alert to other arts and crafts that Jane was involved in. 

"However despite the loss of her lover to insanity, one daughter to epilepsy and the
second to unhappiness, Janey did not allow sorrows to overwhelm her entirely.
Helena Sicken, visiting the Morris house, recalled Jane's delicious chuckling laugh
with which she would greet our youthful extravagances', the marvellous skill ofJane's
embroidery and the exciting moments when she would rise and fling the great portiere down and spread it out, so as to judge whether the general effect was what was intended'.

There was also the simple comfort of the household and housekeeping - the plain
trestle table, the dresser with blue and white crockery, the honey, the home-made
bread and the exquisite cleanliness of the whole house - for Mrs Morris was a
notable housekeeper'.

Janey' s sense of fun, on which several friends remarked, can be found in her cheerful
account of family visits to Crom Price's Tower and Broadway, and from the travel
diary of the Voyage ofthe Ark , that ramshackle houseboat, with Crom and William de
Morgan making excruciating puns. Janey, the supposed invalid, took her needlework,
supervised the supply of provisions, slept in sometimes uncomfortable riverside inns,
and went on ahead of the rest at Oxford to prepare the Manor for their arrival."
Jan Marsh

Who also says that Jane tried her hand at bookbinding (she says three survive ?) and designed a cover for the prison poems of Wilfrid Scawen Blunt - decorated with shamrocks in honour of his support for Irish Home Rule (can't find this either).

But she also encouraged Cobden-Sanderson, Thomas J. ( 1840-1922 ) to take up book binding.


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