Saturday, September 7, 2013

More pictures from the Album

Two more images from the album.
I can now publish, with permission, more details from Simon Evans at the Museum of Wales who sent them to me.

 this album is one of 17 photo albums/scrap books and two sketch books
bequeathed to the Library by Miss Lobb. Most of them consist of mass
produced prints bought on trips to various parts of europe, mostly
Italy, around Bordighera where Jane and sometimes May spent many
holidays. There are some from Egypt and some of English churches. A
lot of architectural and archaeological images, and a lot of medieaval
designs etc. One volume has many rough copies (all original pressings)
of Burne-Jones engravings which are of interest in themselves. There
are several watercolors which I am fairly certain are painted by May
on camping. I know that she and Miss Lobb spent time in Wales, in
North Pembrokeshire in 1920 and I have positively tied one of the
watercolors to a specific location there. Much of the evidence has
come from loose items that were with the volumes. There are envelopes
addressed to May, cards, postcards, engravings, and there is even, on
the back of one print, the name and address of William Morris,
Kelmscott House in Kensington, possibly in his handwriting. I think
these volumes had been in the Morris household for some time.

There still seems no consensus if this is May, but if not her, who ?

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