Saturday, September 21, 2013

More on the mysterious photos

Hi, well, it seems I have the identity of our May Morris look-alike. 
It's actually quite funny, as they couldn't be two different people. 
It's HRH Princess Victoria of Wales, daughter of Queen Alexander and 
Edward VII ! And I have to thank writer, Christina Croft for helping 
to confirm this.

My interest in all this started when I saw some of these photo's and
wondered who had taken them. This has led me to look at Miss Lobb's
life, from her Cornish background, to her time at Kelmscott. I learned
quickly that many of these photographs and scrap books that we have at
the Library belonged to May, and some of the earlier ones, possibly to
Jane. I know from all the loose items associated with them that they
were in Kelmscott, and would have been amounst the items left to MFVL (Miss Lobb)
by May. Now I find they were in possession of what is undoubtebly an
album of Royal snapshots. I am almost certain that many of the photo's
were taken by Alexandra herself on one of the many trips taken to her
homeland, Denmark, for family get-togethers. She is certainly in a
couple of shots with her sister Marie Feodrovna, wife of Tsar
Alexander III among many other easily identifiable faces. These were
occasions exclusive, no one but a member of one of the Royal families
could have taken these particular photographs.

So that leaves us with the small problem of how Royal property ended
up at Kelmscott!

Hoping you are well,

Simon Evans
Museum of Wales

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