Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Legend of Good Women', derived from Chaucer's poem. Worked by Jane Morris and her sister Bessie Burden.

Castle Howard


upper picture

One of the goals of all Janey research is to find a photo of her sister Bessie. She never married and William found her boring but she was no fool. Anyway this is Aphrodite from a scheme of 12 envisioned for the dining room at Red House. This panel depicts Aphrodite, and turned up in an auction in Edinburgh in 2007. Out of the remaining six, 3 can be found at Kelmscott Manor, and 3 at Castle Howard (the only ones with embroidered backgrounds). Jane worked on some of them.

This is Bessie's Penelope

and the fascinating story of the Aphrodite auction is here:

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