Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Looking from the North Hall into the Panelled Room in the north wing of Kelmscott Manor

Furniture came to Kelmscott after Rossetti's death 
in 1882 . (On 8th April 1882, Rossetti, then on 
his deathbed, asked Hall Cane to make certain 
that Jane ‘had anything of his that she cared for.’
10 Objects now at Kelmscott can be identified in
watercolours of Rossetti’s rooms at Cheyne Walk
painted by Henry Treffry Dunn in 1882. They
show, for example, the Chinese red lacquer chairs
now in the North Hall, a corner cupboard now in
the Panelled Room, mirrors similar to the convex
mirror on the stairs, and brass chargers similar to
those now in the Green Room).

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