Friday, December 28, 2012

Rossetti in Loves

Henry Hall Caine, who, as a young man, was the close companion of Rossetti in his
last months, disclosed in 1928 that Rosserti, in an extremity of depression during the long night journey on their return from Cumberland, had revealed himself as a 'man who, after engaging himself to one woman in all honour and good faith, had fallen
in love with another, and then gone on to marry the first out of a mistaken sense of loyalty and a fear of giving pain' - with disastrous consequences.'

Recollections of Rorsetti, 1928, pp. 141 and 200. Caine also quotes, p. 220, Rossetti's comment on somewhat different circumstances: 'To marry one woman and then find out when it is too late, that you love another is the deepest tragedy that can enter into a man's life.' Caine's Recollections of Dante Rossetti, 1882 published four months after Rossetti's death, was silent on these matters.

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