Thursday, August 23, 2012

May Morris and John Quinn's visit to the Tate

"Took the big rouring car at 2 o'c{lock] and drove to the Tate Gallery - a modern
building but looks 200 years old....

The pictures by Millais were very bad - candy face, cheap confectionary,sentimental
to the last degree. Watts grandiose but not satisfying technically except in his portraits - which were very fine. MM. pointed out quietly the portrait of her mother by D.G.R. - a magnificent thing. The hands are especially fine. The face I thought a little too pretty but the colour was splendid, and the whole picture a splendidly rich picture of a beautiful woman. MM. now has the bracelet that Mrs. M. wore when she posed
for the picture. It is dated 1868 but MM. said they got it in 1871."

Sunday 3 September 1911

Not sure what portrait of Jane this is?
I thought at first this was Prosperine but no bracelet and it wasn't given to the Tate till 1940.

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